Why did you wear only black glasses?

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Black eyeglasses, yellow shawls, white shirts, loines and rings, gold rings in hand This was the identity of Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi, who was chief minister of Tamil Nadu five times. But the story of his goggles is very interesting. In fact, there was some problem in Karunanidhi’s left eye in 1954. A lot of treatment was done, but the eye was not well. The reason was that Karunanidhi was very fond of reading and writing. He used to write stories of films, he used to read a lot. Doctors advised him to stay away from books, but he did not agree. Keeping medicines in the eyes and studying continue.

Karunanidhi did not wear glasses in the early days.

But in 1967 he became an accident. It is also said that during the anti-Hindi agitation, a policeman’s sticks had fallen on his head, after which the problems of his eyes increased. After this, the pain of his left eye grew so much that he had to go to America for treatment. There, Karunanidhi performed an eye operation at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. After the operation, doctors advised him to install black glasses. After this, Karunanidhi returned to India and started wearing dark-colored glasses. In 1967, these glasses became their identity.

After the accident, Karunanidhi had an eye injury. After this, they had to wear glasses, which remained with them till death.

Karunanidhi continued to wear the same glasses for nearly 50 years. In 2017, the doctors of Karunanidhi told that their glasses have worsened and they need to change. After this, they started looking for glasses, which lasted for 40 days. But they did not like any glasses. Finally, Vijaya Optics of Chennai called a glasses from Germany, which was lighter than the previous glasses. Karunanidhi gave his approval to this glasses. After this, his glasses were changed in November 2017.

After 50 years, the glasses of Karunanidhi were changed.

A local journalist from Chennai told about Karunanidhi that he was always aware of his style statement. No matter how bad his health was, he did not forget to make beard every day. Apart from this, his yellow shawl was present in his throat. At the same time Karunanidhi’s biggest political opponent MGR was wearing glasses only. Apart from this MGR always used to wear cap. When he was buried after MGR’s death, his glasses and cap were also buried.

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