WhatsApp stopped working for around 1 hour last night, the app is working fine now

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If you’re a WhatsApp user — which I’m guessing you are — it is just to let you know the most popular messaging application on your phone, aka WhatsApp stopped working for quite some time while you were asleep. The messaging app was down — according to down detector — at around 11 PM India time. However, soon after users all across the world started complaining about the outage, WhatsApp acknowledged the issue and fixed it.

The reason behind the sudden outage of WhatsApp is still unknown. It is around 11PM or so that the application stopped working for almost a major segment of people around the world. During the outage — as some users complained on down detector site — couldn’t send or receive message. The application crashed for a few, while some users complained that they couldn’t even open the app.

According to Down Detector — UK, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia were majorly affected. There were some users from India as well who complained of WhatsApp being down — however the matter got fixed for them soon after. Going by down detector site, the outage mainly occurred between 11PM to 1PM. There were nearly over 36 thousand people who complained of WhatsApp not working.

Soon after users started to complain about the outage — WhatsApp acknowledged the issue and a spokesperson said — “WhatsApp users around the world are unable to access the service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix the issue as soon as possible.”

After WhatsApp stopped working, users started shifting to other messaging apps like Telegram and the rest. This is not the first time that something like this has happened. This is probably the third time that Facebook owned messaging application suffered such a major outage worldwide in the last 2 months. And suprisingly no one knows the reason why such incidents keep happening almost every now and then — probably even WhatsApp isn’t aware either.

Like it happened previously, after WhatsApp suffered an outage last night, users took to social media platform — especially Twitter and started trolling the messaging application about the same via posts and memes. Soon after which hashtags like #WhatsAppisdown and #WhatsAppdown started trending.

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