How To Earn Money from social add world

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To Earn Money from social add world first you have to register on it So here Are the steps of register in socialaddworld registered and you will get ₹30 instantly

You can also Download app SocialAddWorld App Click Here To Download

First Go To Then Click on JoinUs you will get two option in it Join For Indian and Join For others Select Join for Indian

Then you will get register form as shown in image fill it Name Should be exactly same as your PAN name and if don’t have then fill your name as written in your 10th result marksheet.

Sponosor Id 7549533822

Give a correct mobile number as it will receive a OTP you have to verify it.

Choose Password upto 8digit

then tick mark in it i accept all terms and condition then again click on register then a OTP will send to you  just enter your OTP  and account will be created

Then You Have to Login with your phone Number and Password

Now How To Earn Money

You will Get 20 ads daily you have click those ads and you will get reward just you have to click and skip then you will get ₹6 or -0.1$

Earning Bonus

if you share this app with friends and your friend registered with socialaddworld then per user you will ₹1 suppose you have 10 friends then you will ₹10 daily means 10x30days =₹300 one more example  suppose you have 100 users (you have this app with 100 people ) then will get ₹100 per day means ₹100×30=₹ 3000

i think now your daught is clear

Socialaddworld has some level

1st Level =10 Refer= 1$ Bonus
(DAILY $.5) ✔✔

2nd Level=100 Refer 7$ Bonus
+(DAILY $5) ✔✔

3rd Level =1000 Refer 20$Bonus
+(DAILY $50) ✔✔

4th Level =10,000 Refer 80$ Bonus
+ (DAILY $200) ✔✔

5th Level=1lac refer 750$ Bonus

6th Level=10 lacs refer 3500$ Bonus
+(Daily $5000) ✔✔

7th Level=1 crore refer 15000$ Bonus
+(Daily 50,000$) ✔✔


REDEEM Your  money

To redeem your money you atleast 12$ in your account

You can also Download app SocialAddWorld App Click Here To Download

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