11 Dead mystery, the registration is swirling new secret

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11 deaths in Delhi’s bhari kept everyone in poverty. But the shadows of the mysteries, assumptions, apprehensions, tantra-mantras, have started coming in many ways.

The biggest proof and witness is the register, which is telling the Inside Story of Buradi’s killings. According to sources, the suspicion of 11 deaths in the house of Bardi has now come to the tune of the younger son of the family. The register, diary and other evidence recovered in the house have been indicating that Bhatiya family of Bhardi Bhardwaj always got permanently ruined in the roundabout of Tantra-mantra.

Actually, what happened last Saturday and Sunday was the beginning of the roles of many years ago. Bhopal Singh, father of Lalit’s father, who came out of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan and worked for his hard work in Delhi, died and died.

Because of being the youngest son of the family, Lalit was very close to him. Obviously, the biggest shock of father’s death also reached Lalit, which continued to deepen with time. Then it was not enough that a few years ago, the sound of the Lalit went into an accident.

Despite the long treatment, the voice of the Falita did not come back. The absence of the father and the absence of speaking did not break, but a strange thing began to fall. Lalit started claiming 5-6 years ago that he saw father Bhopal Singh. Talk to him too.

Bhardi Kand: Read – what is written on the page in the register of death (to date)

One day he was the one who did not expect anyone. The lost voice of Lalit came back. Lalit gave full credit to worship and his religious beliefs to return his voice. His wife Tina, along with her overwhelming tendency, also supported her.

After the voice came back, Lalit started seeing his father constantly. He started listening and listening to his orders. Now the father’s influence was on him that he started extracting his voice evenly. Lalit claimed that the deceased father Bhopal Singh was in contact with the whole family through him.

As the police, Lalit, wrote every order of his father in the registers who were recovered from the house. The Bhatia family also had blind beliefs on these realizations of Lalit, so they used to work only according to Lalit’s statement. Each day, Lalit’s father ordered him to meet his family.

In a register, Lalit, while quoting father, has written, ‘I will come tomorrow or day, I can not come, then I will come later.’ Everything written in the register was writing fine. After meeting with the father, he started writing about meeting with God in this register. All the things were written in such a way that father Bhopal Singh was writing.

Further in the register was written, ‘You know that God can ever come into our house, so keep the whole preparation.’ About that of Bhatia family who had done the last Saturday night and Sunday, Lalit also wrote everything from the tafsil on one page of the register.

‘There will be a shock at the last moment, the sky will shake, the earth will shake. But do not panic, I will chant the mantra, I will save you. When the color of the water changes, then get down, help each other get down. You will not die, but you will get something bigger. ‘ This was probably the order that the entire family lost their lives.

According to sources, Lalit was suffering from mental illness. In medical science, it is also called a shared psychotic disorder or dialysis. This is a kind of disease. Someone shows up and listens even after their death. Such people again want their closest relatives to feel the same. It is treated in medical science.

Lalit took refuge in Baba instead of meeting psychiatrists. The wife also accompanied. There was probably no one who could give the right advice to the fine at the right time. Along with the increase of time, the disease of Fine also increased. The householders began to believe that even more. Even if his niece did not have a special pooja, then his relationship was fixed.

During the search of the house, the police got several diaries and registers. Among them, the 200-page register is the most strange, which was kept on the shrine. It started writing from May 27, 2013, which closed in the middle. But after that, a few things were written in the register in 2015. Various things were written in the register from January this year.

The police have come to know that the Lalit used to write these things and kept the register in the place of worship and according to the things written in the register, the people of this family used to decide their routine ie routine. Now, seeing the continuous entry in recent days, it is clear that Lalit was suffering from this particular kind of mental illness these days.

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